We have been saying for a while now that mobile casino is the future of online gambling. Nowadays, everyone carries a smartphone or a tablet (if not both) The mobile devices have become an extension of our body, and everything has gone mobile. Casino and gambling are not an exception, so if you like playing casino games, you should definitely start trying to play in your phone or tablet.

Actually, last month, a Swedish player got a very good prize playing Mega Fortune. Imagine you are playing slots in your smartphone, and you happen to hit the jackpot and win over 600.000€ just by playing your favorite slot game.

Mega Fortune is one of the most popular online slot games that you can find in the market and has given some of the biggest jackpots and prizes in online casino for quite some time. But at the moment you can also win big amounts of money in mobile casino, the latest trend.

But this are not the only great news in case you like mobile casino games. Recently we got to know as well that a guy from The Netherlands set a new record in mobile casino prizes with over $1m jackpot. And you know what’s the most curious about it? He just played using a birthday gift voucher that absolutely changed his life forever.

Try to picture the situation….you are traveling in a train, and next to you there is a guy playing mobile casino games on his Ipad. Suddenly, his Ipad gets crazy, and so does the guy, who just became rich by playing online slots on a mobile device. Crazy, isn’t it? Well, you just need internet connection and a bit of luck. You could be the next one, so next time you decide to play online casino games, why don’t you try it from your mobile phone?