Casino comps

Casino comps are a great feature which, unfortunately, is ignored by many players. Short for complimentary, comps are basically free items and discounts which the casino offers to registered players as a token of appreciation for the money they’ve spent in the casino.

Many players believe that there are hidden strings attached to comps, or that only players gambling thousands of dollars each time they visit can enjoy these offers. However, the truth is that comps are given as a way of convincing players to return to the casino, and it’s in the establishment’s best interest that all players return, no matter how much they spend.

There are various levels of comps, depending on how much you’ve played. The smallest comps are small items such as caps, pens or key chains with the casino’s logo. The biggest comps are free food or free lodging, although some exclusivist casinos offer their loyal players comps such as luxury trips around the world. But even if you don’t play enough to qualify for high level comps, you may qualify for discounts to various restaurants, bars and coffee shops within the establishment, or to a discount to the rate of rooms in the hotel. This is a win-win situation, as you get to save some money, while the establishment wins money and a satisfied, returning player for their casino.

While most casinos offer their players free drinks while they play, to take advantage of the other comps you will need to register to the casino’s player club and use the player card you receive, every time you play the tables or the slots. The card registers the amount you play, and you get player points for every spin, game or hand played.

But even so, it’s most likely that the casino staff won’t come to offer you any comps. You need to ask if you are eligible for any. Don’t be shy! It’s your right as a loyal player of the establishment. It’s enough to tell the hostess or the receptionist that you are interested in a certain comp and ask whether you’re eligible for it, and they will be more than happy to assist. In case you receive a negative answer, don’t try to intimidate the staff, and don’t feel discouraged either. Ask how many points you are missing, and decide if it’s possible and worth it to get the points you are missing for that certain comp.

Comps are a great way to receive maximum value for the money you spend gambling. Don’t hesitate to ask for the comps you are interested in, but do it politely. The rule of thumb is that if you get a negative answer you shouldn’t insist and, if you receive the comp you wanted you should thank the member of the staff who made it possible.